API Testing

API Testing

API testing is distinct from GUI testing in that it focuses primarily on the software architecture’s business logic layer. The appearance and feel of an application will not be the focus of this examination. The API (Application Programming Interface) defines how one component should communicate with another. It is made up of a set of procedures, protocols, and tools that are used to create software applications. API testing is carried out for a system that contains several API Is that need to be evaluated.

  • What is Web Services?
  • Expalning Types of Web Services SOAP and REST.
  • What is wsdl ? Importance of it in Web Services.
  • Difference between WSDL and SOAP Protocol.
  • SOAP UI Installation / Documentation.
  • Calculator Web Service Example
  • Creating Test Suite and Test Cases
  • Local WebServices installation for Practice.
  • Explaning WebServices operation in details.
  • Basics Assertion for Test Validation.
  • Advance Assertion for validating responses.
  • Strategies to use Xpath Assertion in test
  • Properties Access – Data Driven Strategies
  • Accessing Properties from Test Cases, Suit and Project Level.
  • How to send value from response to another requests property transfer.
  • Introductionto Groovy Script Test Setup.
  • Importance of Testr Runner and Context Variable.
  • Test runner method for get and set property.
  • Accessing and Updating the properties through Groovy method.
  • Parsing the xml request and response with holder Application.
  • Triggering the SOAP Request through Groovy Code.
  • Automate the Services(Practice).
  • Validating the Service response with Assertion.
  • REST API Concept
  • REST API – Types of HTTP Methods
  • Practical Example on GET and POST
  • Important Notes on Google Map API
  • Sample code Google Add Place Download.
  • REST API Test Case building on SOAP UI
  • Exercise: Datadriving from custom properties.
  • Exercise: Property transfer usage in REST Example.
  • Flicker API Introdution
  • JSON path extraction from responses.
  • JSON Assertion on parsed responses.
  • Advance Example on JSON Assertion.
  • Framework Design Plan
  • Understanding Preparing API Test from the functional document
  • Building Rest API project in SOAPUI
  • Create Test Cases from the defined API
  • End to End Testing on Library API
  • Installation Eclipse and Java for API automation testing
  • Creation of Java API project from Framework
  • Basics of Pro version
  • Data Sources
  • Data Sink
  • DataGen Type
  • Test Case Debugging, Breakpoint
  • Reporting Technique
  • Jasper Report and Web Recording

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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