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What exactly is STAAD PRO?

The Structural Analysis and Design Program (STAAD PRO) is an acronym for Structural Analysis and Design Program. It is a software application created by Research Engineers International in Yorba Linda, California in 1997 and sold to Bentley Systems in late 2005.

The most widely used software for structure design processes is STAAD. Civil engineers and project engineers can use this software to analyze and design a wide range of mechanisms. This software can create, optimize, and change three-dimensional building designs. The three-dimensional models help to visualize the structure’s final appearance.

STAAD Pro programming is widely used in structural methods and the design of structures, towers, bridges, transportation supports, utility, and managerial architectures. Building structures such as culverts, petrochemical plants, traverse, tunnels, and piles can be included in designs, as well as construction materials such as timber, steel, concrete, aluminum, and cold-formed steel.

It is extremely beneficial for buildings and other similar mechanisms, regardless of their intended use, which ranges from residential to commercial to hospitals to businesses. This software can be used to create a variety of buildings with a variety of architectural drawings that are subjected to a variety of loads.

To some extent, it is also useful for bridge design and analysis, as well as foundation design and analysis. Another feature included for design convenience is a shear wall. Steel construction and connections can also be designed and rendered to see real-life resembling images with great detail.

Why Should You Attend STAAD PRO Programming Training in Noida With KASYFY?

How does KASYFY help with job placement?

  • Overview of BMD, SFD, Reaction Force, Hooke’s Law, Young’s Modulus, Poisson Ratio and Introduce to Ductile & Brittle Material 1 HRS
  • Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment values for various supports and load types 1 HRS
  • Introduction STAAD.Pro V8i and STAAD Editor 1 HRS
  • Co-ordinate Systems, Global Axis and Local Axis 1 HRS
  • Creating a New Project in STAAD.Pro and Units set up 1 HRS
  • Model Generation, Creating Nodes, Members &Select Menu 2 HRS
  • Model Editing Tools, Translational Repeat, Circular Repeat, Move, Mirror, Rotate, Insert Node For a Single Member & For Multiple Members, Add Beam For Point to Point, For Between Midpoints, For Perpendicular Intersection and For Curved Member 2 HRS
  • Model Editing Tools, Connect Beams Along, Stretch Selected Members, Intersect Selected Members, Merge Selected Members, Renumber, Split Beam, Break Beams at Selected Nodes and Creating Models by using Structure Wizard 2 HRS
  • Support Specification, Member Property, Specification, Member Offset, Material Specification, Group Specification and Loading, Creating a Primary Load and Adding Selfweight 3 HRS
  • Create and Assign Loads on Nodes, Member Load, Uniform Force, Moment, Concentrated Force, Moment, Linear Varying Load, Trapezoidal Load, Hydrostatic Load, Pre/Post Stress, Area Load and Floor Load 6 HRS
  • Wind Load, Creating Load Combination, Automatic Load Combination, Edit Auto Load Rules, Moving Load &Repeat Load 4 HRS
  • Introduction to Analysis, Perform Analysis, Overview of Output Page, Pre-analysis Print, Post-analysis Print Inactive or Delete Specification General Guidelines for Design Concrete Design in STAAD.Pro, Column Design and Beam Design 4 HRS
  • RC Designer, Beam Design, Column Design, Seismology, Introduction on Terminologies, Standards for Earthquake Design, General Principals for Earthquake Design, finding the Lateral Force and finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro 4 HRS
  • Cylindrical and Cylindrical Reverse Co-ordinate Systems, Introduction to FEM Modelling in STAAD.Pro, Snap Plate, Add Plate, Create Infill Plates, Generate Surface Meshing, Generate Plate Mesh and Parametric Modelling 3 HRS
  • Member Truss, Creating FEM models by using Structure Wizard, Adding Plate Thickness, Plate Load, Pressure on Full Plate, Concentrated Load, Partial Plate Pressure Load, Trapezoidal Load, Hydrostatic Load and Element Joint Load 4 HRS
  • Water Tank Design, Slab Design, Staircase Design, Shear wall Modelling, Design Solid Modelling and Analysis 6 HRS
  • Cable Member Specification Tension / Compression Specification Table Member Property Steel Design in STAAD.Pro 2 HRS
  • Interactive Steel Design, Design of Overhead Transmission Line Towers 4 HRS
  • Foundation Design like Isolated Footing, Combined / Strip Footing, Isolated Footing and Combined Footing 4 HRS
  • Foundation Design like Mat Foundation and Pile Cap Design 4 HRS
  • Importing CAD Models Report Setup Plotting from STAAD.Pro 1 HRS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Anybody with prior domain knowledge in respective fields can get into Staadpro.

Different payment options are available suiting your needs. We accept credit cards, debit cards cheque cash , netbanking, money wallets.

With tieup through our job consultancy firm, Kasyfy, we make sure each and every candidate in placed with a top tier firm.

With guaranteed results from last 17 Years, we make you stand out in the market with hands on knowledge and better understanding of current scenarios in the market, in turn helping your to automatically get placed with MNCs.

With approximate range between 2 to 3 months, there are more options like fast track training and online training options are also available. Fees is reasonable according to market and industry standards.

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