For the reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data, the ERP Business Information Warehouse provides data warehousing functionality, a business intelligence platform, and a suite of business intelligence tools.

  • ERP Net weaver BI Architecture / BI Platform
  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
  • Multidimensional modeling
  • Entity Relationship Modeling
  • Enterprise Data Modeling
  • Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis
  • ERP BW vs Other Data warehousing Tools
  • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction concepts
  • Modeling
  • Extraction
  • Reporting
  • Info Area ,Info Object Catalogs
  • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)
  • Application Component
  • Data Source
  • Transfer Rules
  • Info Source
  • Update Rules
  • Different types of Routines
  • Info Package
  • Transformations
  • Data Transfer Process(DTP)
  • Error DTP
  • Metadata Repository
  • Importance of Business Content
  • Business Content Installation & Activation
  • Business Content Data Source, DSO’s, Cubes, Reports, etc…
  • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction
  • Flat file Extraction
  • Business Content Extractions using MD/TD SD,MM and FI
  • Logistics Extraction
  • Generic Data Extraction using MD/TD Tables
  • Delta mechanism
  • CO-PA Extraction
  • FI-SL Extraction
  • Data source Enhancement
  • Master Data – Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies
  • Standard DSO
  • Write-optimized DSO
  • Direct Update DSO
  • Standard Info Cube
  • Virtual Providers
  • InfoSet
  • MultiProvider
  • Aggregation Level
  • Others
  • Analysis Process designer
  • ERP NetWeaver BW 7.3 Features Overview
  • Graphical Data Modeling
  • Graphical Data Flow Modeling Basics
  • Data Flow Copying
  • Data Flow Generation
  • Data Flow Migration
  • Advanced InfoProviders
  • Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO)
  • Hybrid InfoProviders
  • Transient Providers
  • The New BW 7.3 Hierarchy ETL
  • Process Chains, Process Types
  • Scheduling
  • Monitor (Header, Status, Details)
  • Real time scenarios from support projects
  • Review of system Landscape
  • Collecting Objects
  • Creating Transports
  • Releasing Transport
  • Importing and Monitoring Transport
  • Introduction of Various Reporting Tools
  • Functional Overview of Business Explorer Query Designer
  • Introduction of BEx Query
  • Reusable Query Elements
  • Filters, Columns & Rows
  • Characteristic Restrictions & Free Characteristics
  • Formulas & Calculated Key Figures
  • Restricted Keyfigures and Variables with Texts
  • Report to Report Interface or Jump Starts
  • Query Extracts using RSCRM_BAPI
  • Exceptions, Conditions, Structures, Cell Definitions and others
  • Introduction to BEx Analyzer
  • Filtering Option
  • Properties available in AnalyzerERP BW BI Online Training
  • Aggregates
  • Compression
  • Re-Modeling
  • Re- Partitioning
  • Indexes and DB Statistics
  • Number Range Buffering
  • Read Mode & OLAP cache
  • Line Item Dimension & High Cardinality
  • Read Mode & OLAP cache
  • Business Warehouse Accelerator
  • Others
  • Real Time Implementation Projects
  • Up-Gradation project
  • Enhancements to the existing Implementation project
  • Support projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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